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About Me

My journey began four years ago. I am a mother of four. I have always had a lot of energy that I took for granted, until life stopped me in my tracks.

My husband had left for three months to shoot a film. It was summer, so the kids were out of school. For three months, day after day I would run around with my four beautiful children, doing long hikes on the mountain and riding our bikes to different places to keep them active and happy. Keeping up with the house, the chores, the friends. Catching planes to visit my husband. Early mornings, late nights. In a way it was bliss, but I was not listening to my body and the signs it was sending to me. I was taking care of every thing and everyone but my self... and I would pay a price.

A month after school began, I woke up one day feeling as if oil had been injected into my brain. Not only did I feel tired in my bones, but my thoughts were like play dough in my mind. I couldn't focus, I couldn't think straight. My body was slow. It was very scary...

Next thing I knew, I was at my doctor's office being diagnosed with chronic fatigue as a result of a virus that now would live forever in my system. Chronic was the word that shocked my being. I went home and surfed the web looking for a solution and what I saw there was even more scary. A huge community of people with chronic fatigue sharing their stories about how their life was over, not being able to do any activity, let alone play with their family, travel or work.

I refused to believe this was going to be my reality. I knew there had to be a way to get my health and my life back! I wanted to play with my children! I wanted to enjoy life with my husband! I had so many plans for the future... I wanted to be alive!

And for the next year I dove into transforming my life. I did this one step at a time. I learned to give my body the rest, the nutrients, the self-love it needs. I made huge shifts in every area of my life. And it worked! I got rid of the diagnosis they said was chronic. And I got my health and my life back.

I experienced the power that what we eat and think as well as our habits have in the way we feel. But I also realized how I was missing so much before I went through all of this. How we take for granted our health and do little to prevent, so we can lead a life full of energy and glowing from within. How we live by default instead of creating the life we really want. 

So I decided to learn from the best of the best to be able to help others, and now I help women around the world to live the life of their dreams and feel well in their body. And I absolutely love it. It is an honor for me to witness the transformation of my clients after we work together.

I pour myself into their goals. Their agenda becomes my agenda. I hold their hand and walk with them in the process to become the healthy vibrant person they deserve to be. And they begin to live the life of their dreams. 

Since I began my journey towards what I have become today it was very clear to me that this had to be shared with as many women as I could reach. There really was no way I could keep all of this to myself!

I have set my intention to help and inspire one million women to be healthy, reach their potential, feel well in their skin, and glow as only a woman can glow! This will happen through my coaching, my blogging, my up coming on-line programs, public speaking and my upcoming book.

I want to do this for women because I can see how the moment a woman starts to incorporate the knowledge, the tools and the insights I share with my clients and my tribe, they become a beacon of light and inspiration to everyone around them including their families and friends.

And not only because they begin to make a shift towards a healthier and better way to live for them and everyone around them, but also because... Who doesn't love to be around a beautiful, inspired, loving, healthy woman?

I believe we ALL have an unlimited potential, and we all deserve to live the life of our dreams. And I am here to help YOU!

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